Magnetic Glass Boards From Hexagon

Pure white, clear or a
vibrant colour. All of our Glass Boards
are magnetic and
have hidden fixings.

Thanks for visiting our web site , we are a manufacturing company based in the North East of England but supply and fit throughout the UK. Our primary product is the wall mounted magnetic glass board. Its a product which we have been developing over the last 8 years and now offer a full range of colours and sizes.

What sets us apart from other suppliers is that we only use 
low iron glass for all of our products, low iron glass is optically clear, so our white glass boards are the whitest on the market and our coloured glass boards are vibrant without any green tint.

Our ' hidden fixings ' method of attaching the glass boards to the wall is perfect for plaster walls as the weight is evenly distributed. The increased amount of fixing points also gives a solid writing surface with no flex.

Thanks again for browsing our site, if you are interested in magnetic glass boards please get in touch, we are happy to make one off boards or multiples for large contracts. We have an online quote request form and usually reply within the hour.

Magnetic Glass BoardsMagnetic Glass Boards
Features of our wall mounted glass boards :-

  • Our glass boards are made with low iron optically clear toughened glass, the colour is applied to the back of the glass.
  • They are magnetic when used with neodymium magnets.
  • The surface is easy to write on with dry erase or liquid chalk markers and will never stain or ghost.
  • The ' hidden fixings ' method of fixing if perfect for plaster walls in particular if more than one board is to be fitted side by side.
  • Full fitting instructions and all fixings are provided with each glass board.
  • Over 80 vibrant colours  Colour Swatch.
  • Custom sizes available.
  • Request a Quote
Standard glass board sizes :-
2400mm x 1200mm , 2000mm x 1200mm , 1800mm x 1200mm , 1500mm x 1200mm , 2000mm x 1000mm , 1800mm x 1000mm , 1500mm x 1000mm , 1200mm x 1200mm , 1200mm x 1000mm , 1000mm x 1000mm , 1000mm x 800mm , 1000mm x 600mm , 800mm x 600mm , 600mm x 400mm.
All either landscape or portrait.

Pastel Yellow

RAL 1016

Lemon Yellow

RAL 1016

Banana Yellow

RAL 1021

Dark Yellow

RAL 1023

Orange Yellow

RAL 1003


RAL 1028

Light Orange

RAL 2003


RAL 2008

Warm Red

Red Orange

Poppy Red

Strawberry Red

Vivid Red

Tomato Red

RAL 3020

Spicy Red

RAL 3020

Regal Red

Medium Red

Dark Red

RAL 3001

Wine Red

RAL 3003


RAL 3004

Rioja Red

RAL 3005



RAL 4010

Panther Rose

Salmon Pink

Skin Tone


Pink Violet

RAL 4008


RAL 4005




Dark Violet

Antique Blue

RAL 5000

Dark Blue

RAL 5011

Steel Blue

Scandinavian Blue

Ultramarine Blue

RAL 5002

Reflex Blue

Vivid Blue

RAL 5005

Sea Blue

Medium Blue

Egyptian Blue

RAL 5012

Sky Blue

Light Blue

Azure Blue

Pastel Blue


Pastel Aqua

Pastel Green

Blue Green

RAL 6027


RAL 6019


Turquoise Green


Turquoise Blue

Dark Petrol

Dark Lagoon

Dark Green

RAL 6005

Bottle Green

RAL 6002

Medium Green

RAL 6029

Light Green

RAL 6024

Bright Green

Grass Green

RAL 6018

Apple Green

Green Yellow


RAL 1015


RAL 1014


Terra Di Siena


RAL 8015

Clay Brown

RAL 8003

Fawn Brown

RAL 8007

Dark Brown

RAL 8017


RAL 9005

Mystic Grey

RAL 7021


Traffic Grey

RAL 7016


RAL 7012

Dark Grey

RAL 7012

Mouse Grey

RAL 7000

Light Grey

RAL 7042

Pastel Grey

RAL 7040

Pearl Grey

RAL 7035


RAL 9003


RAL 9006


We are happy to send a colour card with up to six colours free of charge , please select the colours you are interested in below.


To receive a quote for magnetic glass boards , please fill in the form below. We just need to know the size of the glass board , the orientation , the colour and the quantity. We aim to reply to all quote requests within the hour. If you need more than one glass board size , please submit a quote request for each size.

Request a Quote


Hexagon only use optically clear low iron glass when making magnetic glass boards.

The iron content of regular toughened glass gives it a green tint ,but low iron glass is completely clear, meaning our glass boards are the whitest on the market and our colours are vibrant and true.

If you order a new glass board always make sure its made from low iron toughened glass.

low iron glass
We can custom print onto any glass whiteboard size, the image is on the reverse of the glass so is permanent and will never fade or wear with use.

Our preferred artwork format is ' Ai ' , you can provide your own or we can assist with artwork if required. From simple grids to planner boards or full colour images. There is no limit to what can be printed onto a glass whiteboard.

Please send us your artwork or have a look at our printed glass ideas page below, all of these designs can be printed onto any standard glass size or adapted to fit a custom size.

custom printing
Hexagon glass boards are fixed using the wall plate and magnets method , the wall plate takes the weight, the magnets attract to the back of the glass board holding it firm and producing a solid writing surface. The weight of magnetic glass boards is 15kg/m2 so a glass board 2000mm x 1000mm is 30kg. The weight is evenly distributed and there are on average six fixings points / m2.

All fittings are hidden behind the glass board , once fitted the dimension from the wall to the front face of the glass is 20mm.

This method is ideal because it gives lots of tolerance, particularly when more than one board are to be fitted side by side.

If the plaster is not 100% secure, the wall plate can be re drilled so that the fixing holes coincide with the stud work behind.

Full fitting instructions and all fixings are included.

Fixing Method

400w x 600h fitting instructions

600w x 400h fitting instructions

800w x 600h fitting instructions

600w x 800h fitting instructions

1000w x 600h fitting instructions

600w x 1000h fitting instructions

1000w x 800h fitting instructions

800w x 1000h fitting instructions

1000w x 1000h fitting instructions

1200w x 1000h fitting instructions

Dry Erase Pens

Pack of five dry erase pens , 5mm chisel tip. 2 black , 1 red , 1 blue , 1 green. Ideal for lighter coloured glass boards.

Liquid Chalk Pens

Pack of five liquid chalk pens , 3 white , 1 red , 1 blue. 5mm round tip. Ideal for darker coloured glass boards.

Black Dry Erase Pens

Pack of 5 black dry erase pens , 5mm chisel tip.

Thin Tip Dry Erase

Pack of five black dry erase pens , with 3mm round tip.

Skittle Magnets

Pack of five neodymium skittle magnets , will hold 5 sheets of A4 to your glass board. Available in red , blue or white.

Barrel Magnets

Pack of five chrome finish neodymium barrel magnets , 10mm diameter x 15mm long. Will hold five sheets of A4 to your glass board.

Pen Tray

Acrylic pen tray , 160mm long x 60mm projection. Self adhesive tape fixed to the back of the glass board.

Magnetic Eraser

Handy magnetic eraser , available in red , blue , green or yellow.

Sticky Notes

Pack of five dry erase 'post it' notes , 100mm x 100mm. Available in yellow , blue , white and red. Use again and again to leave reminders on your glass board.

White Grid lines

10 x 1200mm long x 3mm white self adhesive lines , divide your glass board up into handy grids on the front surface, non permanent.

Black Grid lines

10 x 1200mm long x 3mm black self adhesive lines , divide your glass board up into handy grids on the front surface, non permanent.

Starter Pack

Starter pack , containing 5 pens , 5 magnets , 1 pen tray , 1 magnetic eraser and 5 dry erase ' post its '.

  • Unit 8 Larch Court, West Chirton North Ind Est, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 8SG
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